E-Sports, Here to Stay?

To those of us not born in the 21st century, e-sports is basically professional competitive video gaming. But should we be taking it so seriously? Is it a sport? And how can we cash in?

Those questions were discussed a Business of Sports Network (BOSN) event at KPMG’s offices this week, attended by many from ‘traditional’ sports, plus staff from Riot Games, the Tencent-owned company that produces the most popular e-sports game in Asia, League of Legends, and officials from Cyberport, Hong Kong’s hi-tech hub which is researching possible benefits of e-sports.

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, managing partner of Dynamic Partners, hosted a fascinating panel with Derek Cheung, CEO of Hong Kong ESports, a leading local company, and Tom Broom, a senior VP at IMG, the sports marketing giant which is making moves into the field.

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